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[CLOSED] Sniper Elite 3 Steam Key Giveaway

How to join?

It’s simple. Fill in the required details on the raffle box below!

Sniper Elite 3 Steam Key Giveaway

You earn a raffle entry by subscribing to the whatoplay YouTube channel, following us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; and sharing this video to your friends on Twitter.



  1. Rahn Gulty
    Rahn Gulty July 29, 2014

    Thanks for the giveaway bro Im in ! c:

  2. pARKER
    pARKER July 29, 2014

    Just entered thanks for the contest already subbed before contest, keep making more awesome videos

  3. Michael Arslan
    Michael Arslan August 4, 2014

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  4. martin
    martin August 6, 2014

    my key please

  5. Michał
    Michał August 6, 2014

    Nice one :D

  6. parag
    parag August 11, 2014

    Thanks a lot for this awesome giveaway.

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